Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Alexander Brothers- Most Eligible Bachelors in Hamptons

Hamptons Journal organized a contest for finding the Hamptons’s 50 hottest bachelors. Eligible bachelors from all the fields like bistro owners, publishers, estate moguls, marketing directors etc. were on the list of nominees. A team of girls was appointed to select the most appealing bachelors. This team included Pachelle Hruska, Jill Martin, Callae Brownsteing, Gigi Gemstone, Molly Howard and Michelle Davidson.

Twin brothers, Alon and Oren Alexander topped the list. Alon Alexander is vice President of Kent Security and Oren Alexander is a real estate broker. These brothers were born and raised in a real estate family and were taught by their father that how hard one has to work to reach one’s goals. Both of them knew the significance of socializing from the beginning as well. So they feature both the most important qualities of a leader. That’s what makes them so successful and appealing that today they are the hottest bachelors in the Hamptons.

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