Thursday, 2 January 2014

What Became of Oren Alexander and Alon Alexander

The Alon & Oren Alexander are the twins responsible for the establishment of the giant Alexander Group and the  Kent Services. The wins Alon & Oren Alexander are born on the 2nd of July 1987. Right since the childhood, the two have been very closed with each other and completed their school education from the Hillel Community Day School for elementary and Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School. In the school .
They also shared common friends and have closed compassion towards eachother feelings.  
Later in 2005, they went to pursue their college education. Alon pursues his graduation from the University of Maryland in College Park, MD whereas  Oren did his graduation from the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. Although they were in the different colleges, they always met each other after sparing some free time. Oren completed his degree in finance and got recruited by Howard Lorber Chairman of Prudential Douglas Elliman, as a real estate broker, while Alon completed his degree in Criminal Justice in 2008 and later joined the law school. Soon after, he laid the foundation of the Kent Security Services and has been doing currently very good. And as Oren had an interest in the real estate sector like his father and pursued his career in it and got settled

Soon the two were well settled and got an international recognition. They do a number of social charity causes by helping-out poors and making the poor people move forward. Also, despite the two are so busy, they still spare time for eachother and use to meet to discuss every facet of their life and have the compassion still the same depicting an epitome of brotherhood in the world.

"Where is a will, there is a way"

As it's been said in an old proverb that "where is a will, there is a way". The credit for such proverb goes to the twins about whom is mentioned ahead.

 Two brothers Alon Alexander & Oren Alexander who are the great & highest paradigm of a best brotherhood ever in the world. For their better career ahead, both the brothers got their schooling education from different place. Alon gained his education from Hillel Community Day School, while from Dr. Michael Krop Sr. High School, Oren collected his elementary learning. It would be a quite wonder of knowing that they both are the twins who were born on 2nd of July 1987. They both ever been having an extremely possessiveness for each other and their sincerity, love, affection, with their magnanimous-opinion serve an unbreakable bond towards the brotherhood, which has been taking care of them through gracing their attraction for both and also they ever have been a quite closed companion since their tender age.
But somehow their decision for the quest for their professional journey ahead stood a little variant. They wanted to earn their remaining studies separately by the own. Henceforth, as Oren's father was a real estate agent, so Oren also had a keen interest to become like his father who was popularly known as a real estate agent, therefore he entered into the University of Colorado, Rock, where after completion of his graduation, he got as a great opportunity in his life and joined a real estate firm which he proved later himself as a real estate agent. While on another way, Alon ever eagerly had a dream to guard the people by serving them a great and best security services. So, regarding the dream, he wanted to pursue his further study and got an admission in the University of Maryland, College Park, where he gained his law degree which later he had received a golden chance to make his dream true and soon he proved himself by running his own firm named Kent Security Services, it provides a best security services to the people. Their interacting for each-other, as they do often use to share their mind-thoughts, feelings, opinion as well that is regarding socially financially, professionally & personally too. With their intimate relationship of brotherhood, a lot of the people sometimes speak-up that these two brothers act and look alike, indeed it is.

Both the brothers are well-turned today, where Alon Alexander true to his nature and devotedly serves himself as a founder or a president or as well as a chairman of Kent Security Services. While Oren on the other hand is well known for his sharp knowledge & his sense-gratification & his innovative-ideas respectively this enabled him to be a very successful person in the real estate field. These twins are the inspiring entities by young entrepreneurs who have received a numerous awards & who are looking to create a dent in the globalization.