Friday, 19 July 2013

All about Alon Alexander

Alon was born and brought up in a real estate family. Since the beginning, he knew what it takes to be successful and the fun in seeing one’s own success. Under the guidance of an ambitious father, Alon was taught the true meaning of commitment, dedication, and quality in his work. Along with these, he was also taught to stay confident throughout whatever he does. At the time when he was 20, Alon had a success factor within him. With a great vision and drive, he has been able to mold his career into better shape, and this was just the beginning.

Along Alexander with his twin brother Oren, Alon became very active in his community, and he continues to be so with his great involvement in innumerable charitable events. Both the brothers had very strong values and the ability to make lasting relations. Alon had a drastic self esteem, making it a pleasure for those who met him, and had working relations with him. 

Alon Alexander graduated from the University of Maryland and further decided to go for law. Just when he was preparing to make his first move in the first year at New York law, he became the founder of Kent Security of New York. This was a full service security solution that was completely inspired by the family business in South Florida. Kent Security is now being known as one of the best in the security industries. This has solely been made possible because of excellence and the uncompromising work done by Alon.

He is today known as the most eligible bachelor of New York, and completely understands what it takes to be successful. All such achievements are not just the result of his hard work, but also of his flexibility, endurance, and the quality of work. With his continued enthusiasm, and the deep knowledge of the industries, Alon has established himself as the most demanding professional in his field.

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